Monday, February 16, 2009

Cecile & JW - {Wedding}

Love is such a beautiful thing! Weddings are such a beautiful occasion! But this wedding was so much more different & beautiful than any wedding I've ever been too!

(I dont mean to hurt anyone's feelings if I've been to/shot your wedding previously... but this wedding was very special indeed)

Cecile (age 69) & JW (age 81) have both been previously married, they have both been widowed, and they have both found love again... in each other. They got engaged in November 2008, and decided that a Valentine's Day wedding would be quite suitable for their wedding. From the moment that I was informed of this wedding I was touched with love and happiness for these two. And when I was hired to photograph the event, I couldn't have been more excited!! The entire day was beautiful & I enjoyed seeing the love that these two had for each other, as well as the love expressed for them by their family & friends. This wedding was definitely one to go in my books as a memorable one!

A few of my favorites will be updated here as I get them edited! :)

Giving Mother Away

Vday Wedding

Valentine's Day Wedding

Valentine's Day Wedding

Movie Star Cecille

Valentine's Day Wedding

Valentien's Day Wedding

and last but not least, a few of the details...

Wedding Details


Randi said...

You did such an amazing job. They both look incredibly happy and neither of them look like their actual age!!! Congrats on ANOTHER job well done! Can't wait to work with you again!

Cayman's Mom said...

they're so cute! and i love the pic of the altar at st. johns! memories! great job, again as always!