Monday, April 6, 2009

Nora - 4 Months | North Alabama Children Photographer

My niece, Nora Kate, is now officially 4 months old! She's growing so fast! I can't believe she's the same little baby that I went to visit in the NICU! I love her so much and love to watch her grow and learn new things! She's found her hand and as you can see in this photos, she's got it in her mouth quite a bit! :)

Nora in her Easter Dress

My niece at 4 Months

My niece at 4 Months

My niece at 4 Months


Cayman's Mom said...

i can't believe nora kate is 4 months already! she's beautiful! and of course your pics are amazing!

katealtmix said...

that little flower headband is just adorable! great images!