Friday, February 27, 2009

Ayden - 3 Months

Lucky me, I got to play with Ayden TWICE in 5 days to get these photos! The 1st batch had a "cold"... which is the way I'd like to explain it.... causeing the photos to not be up to par, so Ayden became my first ever client to have to do a re-shoot! He was such a happy little boy & didn't mind me plopping him down into baskets & switching out outfits & backdrops one bit!

I'm really excited about these photos for several different reasons, but mainly because Ayden has been my very first baby boy to shoot!! My site (which will be finished shortly) is completely full of baby girls, but Ayden will be the only boy in the mix (well, until I shoot baby Nehemiah next week! )

Ayden & Mommy

Hey Baby!

Bubble Blower

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