Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I don't do many personal posts on this blog... mainly, because it's for business, and for my clients to look over my work... but this time I feel the need to make an exception. My mother came into my room yesterday while I was editing through some photos. She had been cleaning out her closet, and walked in with 2 very old stuffed bears in her hands. She asked me to take a picture of them before she threw them away so that she could remember them without them being stuck in her closet any longer.

Apparently these two little guys are quite old. My mom had received them as gifts from my dad when they were dating & has hung onto them for the past 35+ years. She wasn't sure of the story about the little white bear in the red jacket, she just remembers it being a gift at some point. But the little brown guy who looks a big terrifying if you ask me... he was the first gift that my dad ever gave my mom. It was for Valentine's Day 38 years ago when my parents were both in high school. She remembers him bringing it over with some chocolates & she kept that ugly old bear all this time. It's been across the globe on many moves (my dad was in the army for 25 years) and now that its insides are dry-rotting, my mom figures its time to let it go.

I love little sentimental stories like that. :)








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