Friday, October 9, 2009

Changes Are Coming!!

2010 will bring about some new changes to Photography by Whitney!! Some changes will be small, and some may not even notice them... while others will hopefully be a pretty big deal!! Although I can't disclose much info at the moment, I will let you know that in January, PRICES WILL BE GOING UP!!!!

I know, nobody likes to hear it... but I've hit a bump in the road where I have had to acknowledge that if I want my photography business to support me, then I've got to raise my prices up to a point where it will!

Along with the price changes will come some fun new things that will hopefully make the price fluctuation worth while! Stay Tuned!!

On that note...

If you are planning on booking a session with Photography by Whitney in the future... be sure to do so soon!! October is completely booked, November is almost there, and December is getting a few inquiries as well! in order to lock in the "old" rates, you'll need to book your session before January! All sessions (even those to take place in 2010) that are booked before December 31st will be able to lock in the 2009 prices!!!


*all sessions booked require non-refundable payment upfront*

Anndd.... because no post is complete without a picture, here's one of my sister, brother-in-law, and precious neice (my new baby niece is actually pictured as well if you look close enough.) Baby #2 is due in a month!!!


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