Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Seminar & Surprise!!

The seminar yesterday in Nashville was tons of fun! Candace and I got there a few hours early, ate some lunch, and walked around the gardens inside the Opryland Hotel to take some pictures of the neat flowers! We only got through 1 of the 3 gardens... so we might be going back to take some more pictures next week when we take another trip up to Nashville for a concert! :) The guy leading the seminar, JB Sallee, was awesome!! He kept Candace & I entertained the whole 4 hours by being witty & humerous. We really enjoyed seeing his work & we learned a few new tricks in Photoshop that we're excited to try out! :)

In other news... Photography by Whitney has something new to share!! But it's not quite ready to talk about just yet so you'll have to be patient & check back in a little bit for more information!!

Hint: It's something AWESOME for my fellow photographers & photoshop junkies! :)

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