Sunday, March 8, 2009

Nora Kate - 3 Months

As I said in my previous post, yesterday was just BEAUTIFUL!! Today was too, but the sun wasn't out nearly as much so yesterday still takes the cake! :) As I was shooting some pictures of Miss Jaycee, I also took some pictures of my sweet niece to commemorate her 3rd month!

Here's Nora Kate!

My sweet niece

loungin in the sun

she loved the sun


Nora Kate - 3 Months


Cayman's Mom said...

absolutely precious! i wish we lived closer! i need new family pics! oh, your check will be in the mail tomorrow, promise!

casadekaloi said...

Oh wow, she's already 3 months?!!?! Time FLIES!

These are beautiful, by the way.

katealtmix said...

love the shot in the chair, it's precious! what a sweet little baby!

Andi said...

Whitney, your photography skills have improved by leaps and bounds. You were good when you did mine two years ago, but wow! I'm blown away by how much you've grown. Every picture is incredible! I'm so proud of you!

Whitney said...

Thank you so much guys!