Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Ohhh how I love finding new things on the internet! In the past, oooh say 6 months, I've become a huge fan of blogging! Well, at least for my photography blog... my personal blog hasn't gotten much love lately, but that's probably because I've been so busy with my photography that updating my photo blog has become such a regular thing!

I wanted to share my finds with others because I'm just nice like that... so here are a few fun things I've found (just within the last 10 minutes!!) Of course, these are photography related finds because DUH this is my photo blog... :)

First off, we have this amazing online store called Fabricworm! Fabricworm is an awesome (and fairly cheap!) place to find some AWESOME fabrics! Now, you might ask why this has anything to do with photography... so I'm gonna tell ya... Fabric (ESPECIALLY the beautiful and colorful fabrics at Fabricworm) are supurb for backdrops for infant/baby shoots! The fabric comes in 1/2 yard increments but if you order several (say 3 or 4 1/2 yards) for your backdrop, then you'll be shipped 1 big piece of fabric rather than several 1/2 yard pieces so it works out perfectly!! :) This site is a must see!

Next on my awesome finds list is RileyGStrapWorks where you can find some AMAZING straps for your camera! I, however, have already purchased a new camera strap (actually a camera strap COVER) that I adore... but I wanted to pass along this site to the rest of you in case you were looking for a new camera strap for yourselves! :)


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