Monday, September 15, 2008

Krissy & Jonathan say "I Do"

Saturday I shot my 2nd wedding down in Montevallo. Wedding photography was never a plan of mine, but now that I've gotten 2 under my belt (and another booked for April) I feel that I'm getting into the whole wedding spirit! It was rather hot & muggy outside the entire afternoon but Krissy & Jonathan were in great spirits and made it easy for us to get great shots. Their love for each other really showed in everything that they did & the groom even shed a few tears as he read his vows. It was a very memorable experience for me & I'm grateful that they allowed me to shoot their special day. Stephanie came along w/ me to help assist in the photo taking. Together we got a total of 1203 pictures (of course not all of them made it through the chopping block) but I've got tons to play around w/ & have really enjoyed the editing thus far. Here are a few pictures that I've chosen as my favorites so far... stay tuned because there may be more to come!!


Krissy said...

Oh Whitney, these look AMAZING. I love the one of my flower girl practicing. I cannot wait until we get to see them all. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I'll definitely be telling all of my friends about you!

reba said...

Beautiful. Simply Beautiful. I'm glad Krissy found you.

(Maybe you should look into doing more weddings.)

***Krissy's mom